Vision and Mission

What is DNKO?

You may be wondering, what is DNKO? --a Health Technology Company? A Startup? An NGO? A Non-Profit? A Foundation?

At the moment we are an LLC; we may evolve into all of these.

If anything, DNKO is inclusive

Inclusive of advocates, scientists, clinicians, patients, their families and anybody who wants to be involved in bringing more clinically effective treatments for primary brain cancer, metastatic cancers, and other cancers under a new paradigm of at-cost or reduced and reinvested profits.

As we state under Fundraising, our immediate goal is to raise $250,000 for a preclinical study of our first anti-cancer technology LTSL-Dox + LITT in pigs, that will inform a clinical canine trial in canine GBM.  And then, if safe and promising, we will move to a Phase I clinical trial in humans.

In doing so, we will start to define the process and with it, who we are and who we could become and who else could be involved.

For us, it’s about resonance. We are looking to include anybody and everybody who resonates with our Vision and Mission.


Our overall vision is that brain cancer patients will have access to a clinically more effective treatment that prioritizes patients before profits and, when tested, may even be curative for the right sized and LITT-heatable tumors.


Our current mission is to bring existing and proven technology, specifically David's invention, the Low Temperature Sensitive Liposomal Doxorubicin (LTSL-Dox) and Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT) to the brain cancer community, uniting like-minded clinicians to evaluate it, test it, and, if it shows promise, bring it as soon as possible to their patients. 

With this first project, we want to create a new paradigm for brain cancer and other rare diseases that traditionally have been underserved and less likely to turn a significant profit.  Rather, as we pursue potentially new and clinically more effective treatments for brain cancers, we ask: 

If not, why not?  We'll find a way.