Kate's Ideas

Kate spent 6 months bedside with her father during his hospitalization. As a result of her time there, she has patient care and hospital optimization ideas that stem from her analytics and blockchain expertise. Below we surface a high level overview of potential projects that could be worked on at any organization. Please reach out to Kate if you have interest in bringing any of these capabilities to life. 

Patient & Program Indicators 

Are we getting better at treating brain tumor patients overtime? Are there signals we can pick up in their chart that would help us indicate what day of the week would be best to schedule their case in the OR? 

I believe there are massive areas of opportunity that live in the hospital system datasets on these patients that if analyzed could provide a better in patient experience for the patient and provide greater visibility to the doctors and nurses providing care. 

If your hospital has in house data and analytics teams, please consider connecting your team with Kate to receive guidance on how this could be built out for your institution. If your institution does not have in house data & analytics support we would be happy to connect you with resources. 

Known Comorbidities Acuity Triage Evaluation 

An area of opportunity that Kate observed while supporting her father in patient was the context that was occasionally missed when there were multiple team on consult for his case. A potential solution could be adding a Known comorbidity Acuity Triage Evaluation window to each patient who has multiple teams on consult so that each team can rank the order of what ailments they are treating. If there is a misalignment in what is most pressing for the patient the system triggers a meeting with the consulting team and family. 

Patient & Caregiver Therapy Aid

Therapy is much needed for brain tumor patients who have undergone a craniotomy and may have been hospitalized for days at a time. A pilates magic circle and the sequence game are 2 tools that any patient and caregiver could leverage in hospital or at home. The pilates magic circle was cleared by the physical therapist team when Kate's father was hospitalized. Sequence is helpful for hand dexterity, color association and is a fun way to spend time together.

Immersive Art Installation

Art plays a large role in hospitals as there are common displays throughout halls and corridors. For some patients, their needs may require them to stay in a hospital bed or attached to machines. For those patients, we'd like to be able to provide an in hospital immersive art experience that can give them some moments of peace and tranquility during a time of uncertainty with their loved ones. 

If your institution is interested in an immersive art display please contact Kate.